Bombesin-like receptor 3

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The bombesin receptor subtype 3 also known as BRS-3 or BB3[1] is a protein which in humans is encoded by the BRS3 gene.[2][3]


Mammalian bombesin-like peptides are widely distributed in the central nervous system as well as in the gastrointestinal tract, where they modulate smooth-muscle contraction, exocrine and endocrine processes, metabolism, and behavior. They bind to G protein-coupled receptors on the cell surface to elicit their effects. Bombesin-like peptide receptors include gastrin-releasing peptide receptor, neuromedin B receptor, and bombesin-like receptor-3 (BRS3; this article).[3][4]

BB3 is a G protein-coupled receptor.[2] BB3 only interacts with known naturally occurring bombesin-related peptides with low affinity and therefore, as it has no natural high-affinity ligand, is classified as an orphan receptor.[2][5][6]


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