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Small bowel obstruction causes include post-adbominal surgery adhesions, foreign bodies and intussusception. Large bowel obstruction causes include neoplasms, hernias and constipation. Miscellaneous causes include, paralytic ileus and Down syndrome. Causes by organ system include, ovarian cancer, bowel strangulation and ascariasis. Mechanical obstruction can be caused by pregnancy, Hirschsprung's disease and Crohn's disease. Non-mechanical obstruction may be caused by ovarian torsion, pancreatitis and lead poisoning. Drug induced bowel obstruction can occur by intake of lanthanum carbonate, methscopolamine bromide, and teduglutide.


Causes by Localization

Small bowel obstruction

Causes of small bowel obstruction include:[1]

Large bowel obstruction

Causes of large bowel obstruction include:[1]

Outlet obstruction

Causes by organ system

Causes by mechanism

Mechanical bowel obstruction

Non-mechanical bowel obstruction

Pseudo-bowel obstruction

Drug induced


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