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Toll-like receptor 3
File:TLR3 structure.png
The structure of TLR3 covered with sugars
Available structures
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Symbols TLR3 ; CD283
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Species Human Mouse
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TLR 3 is a member of the Toll-like receptor family of pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system. Discovered in 2001,[1] TLR3 recognizes double-stranded RNA, a form of genetic information carried by some viruses such as influenza. Upon recognition, TLR 3 induces the activation of NF-kB to increase production of type I interferons which signal other cells to increase their antiviral defenses. Double-stranded RNA is also recognised by the cytoplasmic receptors RIG-I and MDA-5.


The structure of TLR3 was reported in June 2005 by researchers at The Scripps Research Institute.[2] TLR3 forms a large horseshoe shape that contacts with a neighboring horseshoe, forming a "dimer" of two horseshoes. Much of the TLR3 protein surface is covered with sugar molecules, making it a glycoprotein, but on one face (including the interface between the two horseshoes), there is a large sugar-free surface. This surface also contains two distinct patches rich in positively-charged amino acids, which may be a binding site for negatively-charged double-stranded RNA.

Despite being a glycoprotein, TLR3 crystallises readily - a prerequisite for structural analysis by x-ray crystallography.


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Further reading

  • Lien E, Ingalls RR (2002). "Toll-like receptors". Crit. Care Med. 30 (1 Suppl): S1–11. PMID 11782555.

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