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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1] Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Kiran Singh, M.D. [2] Luke Rusowicz-Orazem, B.S.


Paraesthesia is caused by a myriad of conditions. Common causes of paraesthesia include chemical poisoning, drug side effects and interactions, neurologic conditions, and hematological conditions.


Common Causes

Causes by Organ System

Cardiovascular Accelerated hypertension, Acute peripheral arterial occlusion, Arterial insufficiency, Arteriovenous malformation , Bartschi-rochaix syndrome, Cerebrovascular accident, Collagen vascular disease, Leukocytoclastic angiitis , Limb ischaemia, Malignant hypertension, Polyarteritis nodosa, Stroke, Thromboembolism, Transient ischemic attack, Vasculitis, Volkmann's ischaemic contracture
Chemical/Poisoning Acrylamide, Amikacin sulfate, Amikafur, Amikayect, Amikin, Arbovirus, Arizona bark scorpion poisoning, Arsenic poisoning, Azalea poisoning, Black widow spider envenomation, Blue-ringed octopus poisoning, Brachial neuritis, Carbon monoxide toxicity, Chlorpheniramine maleate, Ciguatera poisoning, Claviceps purpurea poisoning, Cobra poisoning, Copperhead snake poisoning, Crotalidae snake poisoning, Delphinium poisoning, Demeton-s-methyl, Elapid poisoning, Gasoline, Heavy metals, Helium, Hemofil m, Herbal agent adverse reaction , Herbal agent overdose , Jet fuel-5, Lead poisoning, Lidocaine poisoning, Lionfish poisoning, Mayapple poisoning, Mercury poisoning, Minocycline hydrochloride, Mohave rattle snake poisoning, Mountain laurel poisoning, Octopus poisoning, Pfiesteria piscicida poisoning, Pfiesteria shumwayae poisoning, Potassium iodide, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Radiation poisoning, Rattle snake poisoning, Sulfuryl fluoride, Tetraodon poisoning, Tetrodotoxin, Toxins, Trichloroethylene, Tropical reef crab poisoning
Dental No underlying causes
Dermatologic No underlying causes
Drug Side Effect 2-hexanone, 4-aminopyridine, Acamprosate calcium, Acitretin, Aconitum, Acrinathrin, Aller-chlor, Alpha-cypermethrin, Al-r, Amifampridine, Amiodarone, Anticonvulsant therapy, Aquatag, Aztreonam, Barium, Barthrin, Benazepril hydrochloride, Benzene, Benzthiazide, Beta-cyfluthrin, Beta-cypermethrin, Biclin, Bifenthrin, Bioallethrin, Bioclate, Bioehtanomethrin, Biopermethrin, Bioresmethrin, Bromaline elixir, Bromanate elixir, Bromarest, Bromatapp, Brombay, Bromophos, Brompheniramine maleate, Buprenex, Butorphanol, Calcium gluconate, Ceftazidime, Ceftazim, Ceptaz, Chlo-amine, Chlorate, Chlor-pro, Chlor-trimeton, Chlor-tripolon, Choloxine, Cismethrin, Clemastine fumarate, Clomifene, Colistimethate, Cyclethrin, Cyfluthrin, Cyhalothrin, Cyllprothrin, Cyphenothrin, Cytarabine, Dacarbazine, Deltamethrin, Dextrothyroxine sodium, Diamine t.d, Diazinon, Dichlorphenamide, Dichlorvos, Dicrotophos, Dieldrin, Diflunisal, Digoxin, Dimaphen tablets, Dimefluthrin, Dimercaprol, Dimethrin, Dioxathion, Disulfoton, Dobuject, Dobutamine hydrochloride, Dobutrex, Dtic-dome, Efavirenz, Eflornithine, Empenthrin, Ergotamine tartrate, Esfenvalerate, Ethion, Exna, Febuxostat, Fenfluthrin, Fenpirithrin, Fenpropathrin, Fensulfothion, Fenthion, Fenvalerate, Flucythrinate, Flufenprox, Fluvalinate, Fortaz, Fortum, Furethrin, Gamikal, Gamma-cyhalothrin, Genatap elixir, Halfenprox, Hexlixate, Humate-p, Hydrex, Hydrogen sulfide, Imiprothrin, Indinavir, Isoniazid and stavudine interaction, Isoniazid, Ixabepilone, Kloromin, Koate-hp, Koate-hs, Kogenate, Lambda-cyhalothrin, Lanatoside c, Lindane, Lomotil, Lotensin, Madsam, Malathion, Marazide, Mefloquine, Meropenem, Methanol, Methidathion, Methiocarb, Methomyl, Metofluthrin, Monoclate-p, Monosodium methanarsenate, Myphetapp, Nabilone, Nasahist b, Nd-stat, Niacin overdose, Nilutamide, Oraminic ii, Oxaprozin, Oxiken, Palifermin, Parathion, Pergolide, Permethrin, Phenetron, Phenylephrine, Phosdrin, Phosphine, Prallethrin, Proaqua, Profenofos, Profilate osd, Profluthrin, Protrifenbute, Pyresmethrin, Pyrethrin, Pyrethroid, Ramucirumab, Recombinate, Riluzole, Selenium, Silafluofen, Sinusol-b, Sipuleucel-t, Solanine, Streptomycin, Sumatriptan, Tacrolimus, Tagal, Taloken, Tamine, Tau-fluvalinate, Tavist, Tazicef, Tazidime, Tefluthrin, Telachlor, Teldrin, Temegesic, Terbufos, Terbutaline, Tetraethyl pyrophosphate, Thallium, Theta-cypermethrin, Toluene, Topiramate, Tralomethrin, Transfluthrin, Transpermethrin, Tretinoin, Veltane, Veratum alkaloid, Vilazodone, Von willebrand factor, Waytrax, Yectamid, Zeta-cypermethrin,
Ear Nose Throat Sjogren's syndrome
Endocrine Amyloidosis, Hypocalcemia, Hypoparathyroidism, Hypothyroidism
Environmental No underlying causes
Gastroenterologic Paraproteinemias
Genetic Charcot-marie-tooth syndrome, Fabry's disease, Grasbeck-imerslund disease, Ito syndrome, Juvenile paget's disease, Wohlwill-andrade syndrome, Wright dyck syndrome
Hematologic Achrestic anemia, Antihemophilic factor, Classical hodgkin disease, Diabetes mellitus, Eijkman's syndrome, Eosinophilic fasciitis, Grasbeck-imerslund disease, Hodgkin's disease, Hyperventilation, Hypocalcemia, Leukocytoclastic angiitis , Lymphocyte depletion hodgkin's disease, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Macrocytic anemia, Megaloblastic anemia, Mixed cellularity hodgkin's disease, Neurofibromatosis, Nodular sclerosing hodgkin's lymphoma, Paraproteinemias, Pernicious anemia, Pheochromocytoma, Polyradiculoneuropathy, Porphyria, Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome, Potassium deficiency, Respiratory alkalosis, Selective vitamin b12 malabsorption with proteinuria, Sphingolipidosis, Type 2 diabetes, Uremia, Vitamin b12 deficiency
Iatrogenic Anticonvulsant therapy
Infectious Disease Diptheria, Herpes zoster, Infections, Lepromatous leprosy, Lyme disease, Myelitis, Tick-borne diseases, Transverse myelitis
Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Ankle conditions, Ankle injuries, Arm injury, Autoimmune myelopathy, Back impairment, Bartschi-rochaix syndrome, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Collagen vascular disease, Disc disorders, Hereditary paroxysmal cerebral ataxia, Hereditary motor neuropathies, Kashin-bek disease, Melorheostosis, Osteomalacia, Paget's disease of bone, Scapuloperoneal amyotrophy, Spinal cord tumor, Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord, Tarsal tunnel, Throacic outlet syndrome, Vertebral fracture
Neurologic Acrodynia, Acute bokhoror, Acute idiopathic polyneuritis, Acute viliuisk encephalitis, Acute viliuisk encephalomyelitis, Acute vilyuisk encephalitis, Acute vilyuisk encephalomyelitis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Autoimmune neuropathies, Benign multiple sclerosis, Brain tumor, Causalgia, Cerebrovascular accident, Charcot-marie-tooth syndrome, Choreoathetosis, Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, Cns tumor, Compartment syndrome, Demyelinating disorder, Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, Disc disorders, Distal myopathy, Eijkman's syndrome, Encephalitis, Entrapment neuropathy, Eosinophilic fasciitis, Fosmn syndrome, Gopalan syndrome, Guillain-barre syndrome, Hereditary paroxysmal cerebral ataxia, Hereditary motor neuropathies, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Migrane, Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalopathy syndrome, Multiple sclerosis, Myelitis, Nerve compression, Nerve entrapment, Neurofibromatosis, Neuroma, Neuropathic pain, Neuropathy, Notalgia paraesthetica, Obdormition, Peripheral neuropathy, Peripheral type neurofibromatosis, Peroneal palsy, Pinched nerve, Polyneuropathy , Polyradiculoneuropathy, Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome, Scapuloperoneal amyotrophy, Seizures, Transverse myelitis, Traumatic nerve damage, Trigeminal neuralgia, Ulnar entrapment, Welander distal myopathy, Whiplash, Wohlwill-andrade syndrome, Wright dyck syndrome
Nutritional/Metabolic Dehydration, Diabetes mellitus, Obal syndrome, Potassium deficiency, Type 2 diabetes
Obstetric/Gynecologic No underlying causes
Oncologic Brain tumor, Classical hodgkin disease, Cns tumor, Conn-louis carcinoma, Conn's adenoma, Conn's syndrome, Lymphocyte depletion hodgkin's disease, Neuroma, Nodular sclerosing hodgkin's lymphoma, Spinal cord tumor, Tumor
Ophthalmologic Obal syndrome
Overdose/Toxicity Alcohol withdrawal, Alcoholic neuropathy, Alcoholism, Food additive adverse reaction, Toxic mushrooms
Psychiatric Acute stress disorder, Anxiety, Emotional disorders
Pulmonary Hyperventilation, Respiratory alkalosis, Thromboembolism, Transthyretin amyloidosis
Renal/Electrolyte Dehydration, Electrolyte abnormality
Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy Amyloidosis, Causalgia, Fibromyalgia, Guillain-barre syndrome, Osteomalacia, Peripheral type neurofibromatosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, Systemic lupus erythematosus, Systemic sclerosis, [[Transthyretin
Sexual No underlying causes
Trauma Ankle conditions, Ankle injuries, Arm injury, Autoimmune myelopathy, Back impairment, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Head trauma, Traumatic nerve damage, Vertebral fracture, Whiplash
Urologic Uremia
Miscellaneous No underlying causes

Causes in Alphabetical Order


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