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L-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase
Symbol(s) L2HGDH; C14orf160; FLJ12618
External IDs OMIM: 609584 MGI2384968 Homologene11767
RNA expression pattern

PBB GE L2HGDH 220089 at tn.png

More reference expression data

Human Mouse
Entrez 79944 217666
Ensembl ENSG00000087299 ENSMUSG00000020988
Uniprot Q9H9P8 Q91YP0
Refseq NM_024884 (mRNA)
NP_079160 (protein)
NM_145443 (mRNA)
NP_663418 (protein)
Location Chr 14: 49.77 - 49.85 Mb Chr 12: 70.61 - 70.64 Mb
Pubmed search [1] [2]

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L-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, also known as L2HGDH, is a human gene.[1]

This gene encodes L-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, a FAD-dependent enzyme that oxidizes L-2-hydroxyglutarate to alpha-ketoglutarate in a variety of mammalian tissues. Mutations in this gene cause L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria, a rare autosomal recessive neurometabolic disorder resulting in moderate to severe mental retardation.[1]


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