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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]


History: Female Gender, african/Americans race, evidence of coexisting autoimmune diseases, a positive history of: Heavy eyelids and double vision , eye movement problems

Photophobia , facial weakness, tongue weakness, chewing and swallowing problems, respiratory problems, limbs muscles weakness, Fatigue and urinary incontinency.symptoms: Ptosis and diplopia, gaze paralysis, photophobia, facial weakness, orbicularis oculi weakness, tongue weakness (chewing problems and dysphagia), respiratory problems, limbs muscles weakness, fatigue and pelvic floor weakness.

History and Symptoms


Common symptoms

  • tongue weakness, chewing problems and dysphagia
    • The muscles of the tongue will become weak in MG patients especially after long speech. This can lead to unintelligible speech and dysphasia. Difficulty in swallowing can cause choking and nasal regurgitation. Furthermore the weakness of mastication muscles will cause chewing problem and can lead to weight loss.[9][10]
  • Respiratory problems
    • Inability to maintain a patent airway or respiratory insufficiency can occur in MG patients especially those who are in the MG crises.[11]
    • Respiratory problems can cause inadequate sleep and day time somnolence.[12]

Less common symptoms


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