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For the approach to a patient with liver disease, please click here.

Normal Liver

View of Liver from the top View of Liver from the bottom

Histopathological Findings of a Normal Liver


Viral hepatitis

Histopathological Findings in Viral hepatitis


Histopathological Findings in Viral hepatitis with Fulminant Necrosis


Liver Dysfunction in other Infectious Diseases [1] [2]

Other Inflammatory Liver Diseases

Alcoholic liver disease

This may cause fatty liver, hepatitis, fibrosis and sclerosis leading to cirrhosis and finally hepatic failure.

Histopathological Findings of Alcoholic Liver Disease


Toxic Liver Disease

This includes mostly drug-induced hepatotoxicity, which may generate many different patterns over liver disease, including;

Liver damage is part of Reye's syndrome.

Histopathological Findings: Liver: Centrilobular Necrosis from Chloroform


Liver tumors

Malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts. The most frequent forms are metastatic malignant neoplasm of liver)

Benign neoplasm of liver include hepatic hemangiomas, hepatic adenomas, and focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH).

End-stage liver disease

Chronic liver diseases like chronic hepatitis, chronic alcohol abuse or chronic toxic liver disease may cause

Cirrhosis may also occur in primary biliary cirrhosis. Rarely, cirrhosis is congenital.

Metabolic diseases (Chapter E in ICD-10)

Vascular Disorders



Amyloid degeneration of liver

Gallbladder and biliary tract diseases


In hepatology, important signs and symptoms include:

Complete Differential Diagnosis of Causes of Hepato-biliary diseases

Autoimmune, Systemic



Liver Changes





Active liver disease is considered an absolute contraindication to the use of the following medications:

Marked liver dysfunction is considered an absolute contraindication to the use of the following medications:

Liver dysfunction is considered an absolute contraindication to the use of the following medications:

Histopathological Findings in Liver Diseases

Liver: Cryptococcosis


Liver: Cytomegalic inclusion disease


Liver: Echinococcus cyst


Liver: Histoplasmosis


Liver & Spleen in Malaria


Liver: Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency


Liver: Cardiac sclerosis (cardiac cirrhosis)


Liver: Centrilobular necrosis from chloroform


Liver: Chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis


Liver: Cirrhosis (micronodular)


Liver: Congenital cytomegalovirus disease


Liver: Erythroblastosis fetalis


Fulminant hepatitis (massive hepatic necrosis)


Liver: Hepatitis, yellow fever virus


Herpes hepatitis


Liver: Traumatic hemorrhage


Liver: Viral hepatitis


Liver: Viral hepatitis with fulminant necrosis

Fulminant hepatitis (massive hepatic necrosis) is an acute liver failure (<1 month) resulting in rapid hepatic compensation characterized by synthetic dysfunction (hypoglycemia, coagulopathy), coma (cerebral edema, hepatic encephalopathy) and associated with infectious, renal, pulmonary and metabolic complications.


Active liver disease is considered an absolute contraindication to the use of the following medications:

Liver: Wilson disease



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