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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Joanna Ekabua, M.D. [2]



Bronchogenic cyst can be classified based on location as follows[1][2]

  1. Pulmonary
    1. Plural[3]
      1. Visceral
      2. Parietal
    2. Tracheobronchial tree[1]
      1. Paratracheal
      2. Carinal
      3. Hilar
  2. Extra-pulmonary
    1. Cranial[4][5]
    2. Cervical[2][6][7]
    3. Mediastinal[8]
      1. Esophageal[9][10][11]
      2. Cardiac[1][12][13][14]
    4. Abdominal[2][15]
      1. Intraperitoneal
        1. Dipgragmatic[16][17][18]
        2. Gastric[19][20]
      2. Retroperitoneal
        1. Spinal[1][2][21][22][23]
        2. Adrenal[24][25][26]
        3. Pancreatic[27][28]
    5. Perianal[29]

Bronchogenic cyst
Tracheobronchial tree


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