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Dr.MARS, Doctor of Medicine

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Current Position

Medical Doctor

Medical Researcher

Remote Contributor,, PERFUSE Study Group.

Professional Background

Dr.MARS is a Doctor of Medicine, in Iran. He is interested in medical research and been involved in many research projects. He is interested in Surgery specifically in the field of orthopedic surgery.


- MD Degree, Iranian Medical Council, Iran.

Pages Authored



Pages Authored by Dr.MARS
Bone Fractures Cartilage Related Diseases Bone Related Diseases Other Diseases in Orthopedic Medicine Classifications of Orthopedic Medicine Landmarks of Orthopedic Medicine Other resident survival guide
1 Ulnar Achondroplasia Osteoarthritis Gamekeeper's thumb Bado Classification Böhler’s angle Joint pain
2 Galeazzi fracture Carpal tunnel syndrome Boxer knuckle Jupiter Classification Gissane’s angle
3 Monteggia fracture Osteosarcoma Back Pain Pipkin classification Fleck sign (ankle)
4 Greenstick fracture Compartment syndrome Garden classification Fleck sign (foot)
5 Hip fracture Paget's disease of bone Paget Disease Pauwel's classification
6 Hip fracture treatment Evans-Jensen classification
7 Humerus fracture Seinsheimer classification
8 Proximal humerus fracture AAOS classification of periprosthetic hip fracture
9 Humeral shaft fracture Cooke and Newman classification
10 Distal humerus fracture Johansson classification
11 Ankle fracture Vancouver classification
12 Pilon fracture AO classification of proximal humerus fracture
13 Tillaux fracture Neer classification
14 Bennett's Fracture Müller AO Classification of the Humeral shaft fracture
15 Pseudo-Bennett fracture Jupiter and Mehne Classification
16 Rolando's fracture Riseborough and Radin classification
17 Reverse Bennett fracture-dislocation Gartland classification
18 Boxer's fracture Salter-Harris classification
19 Calcaneal fracture Salter-Harris fracture classification (mnemonic)
20 Lover's fracture‎ Danis–Weber classification
21 Don Juan fracture Lauge-Hansen classification
22 Femur fracture‎ AO/OTA classification of tibial malleolar fractures
23 Ruedi and Allgower Classification of Pilon Fractures
24 AO/OTA classification for the distal tibial Fracture
25 Classification of the first metacarpal fractures
26 Classification of the Bennett's fracture
27 Classification of the Gamekeeper's thumb
28 Sanders classification system
29 Regazzoni classification
Basilar Skull Fracture
Blowout Fracture
Burst fracture
Wagstaffe-Le Fort fracture
triplane fracture
Maisonneuve Fracture
Avulsion fracture