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Will Gibson; Gonzalo A. Romero, M.D.[1] Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief:  ; Rim Halaby, M.D. [2]; Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [3]; Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [4]; Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [5]; Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [6]


The goal of the Board Review Questions Project is to create a universally accessible free repository of Board Review Questions which are targeted at multiple educational levels. All questions must be original and cannot violate Wikidoc's strict rules and regulations regarding plagiarism. Liability related to copyright violations regarding board review questions rests with the person who prepared the. Please notify WikiDoc in writing if you feel that there has been a copyright violation. Board review questions are reviewed and discussed by the WikiDoc Scholars on Monay mornings at 10:30 AM Eastern time. in weekly sessions prior to uploading them on the website.

Statement of Need

The race for residency spots in the United States is becoming more competitive year after year. One of the major criteria that program directors have used over the years in selecting between potential candidates are USMLE exam scores. Therefore, medical students and graduates are putting more effort into preparing for the exams in all intuitive ways to achieve the highest scores possible. Wikidoc scholars have explored a new way to be well prepared for the USMLEs and that is to be able to write an board exam question. It takes higher scorers to make this kind of effort.

How Can WikiDoc Meet Those Needs?

Wikidoc scholars board review project has several goals, and some of those are:

  • Train medical students and graduates on how to be an author for a question, which requires more thought process and knowledge than merely taking the test, therefore it prepares them for higher scores on exam.
  • Provide a rich resource for medical students and graduates preparing for the boards
  • Provides opportunities for wikidoc scholars on campus to exchange knowledge, strategies and test-taking skills

How Can You Help WikiDoc Meet Those Needs?

Wikidoc welcomes academic contributions from Medical students , graduates, faculty members, medical school instructors and professors to participate in the board review questions project.


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