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Agglutination of HLA-A3 positive red blood cells (RBCs) with anti-A3 alloreactive antisera containing Anti-A3 IgM

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For the term's use in bacteriology, see serovar.

Serotype (Allograft)

Transplants between genetically non-identical humans induce the creation of antibodies in the recipient. These non-identical cell-surface receptors between the donor and recipient produce antiserum reactive to the donor proteins. Under selection conditions one or two isoform specificities are obtained. This results in a serotype that is capable of identifying other individuals who have those proteins. This serotyping along with new-PCR based techniques are how tissues for organ-donor programs are characterized. (for more detailed information see Human leukocyte antigens and HLA Serotype tutorial)

Serotypes according the HLA (MHC) locus
HLA # of Broad Split
Locus Serotypes Antigens Antigens
A 25 4 15
B 50 9 24
C* 12 1 2
DR 21 4 8
DQ 8 2 5
*DP and many Cw require SSP-PCR for typing.

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