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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1] Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Vamsikrishna Gunnam M.B.B.S [2] Ahmad Al Maradni, M.D. [3]


Merkel cell was first discovered by Freidrich Sigmund Merkel and also mentioned by Cyril Toker, in 1972.

Historical Perspective


  • Merkel cell was first discovered by Freidrich Sigmund Merkel, a German histopathologist, in 1875.[1][2]
  • Merkel cell carcinoma was first discovered by Cyril Toker, in 1972.[3]
Friedrich Merkel
Freidrich Sigmund Merkel - By Peter Matzen - Voit Collection, Public Domain,

Famous Cases

  • Avigdor Arikha – Paris-based painter and art historian
  • David Brudnoy – Boston talk radio host
  • Stan Collender - Executive vice president at MSLGROUP, a global communications agency.
  • Al Copeland – New Orleans entrepreneur, powerboat racer.
  • Al Davis – Principal owner of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.
  • Ed Derwinski – U.S. Representative from Illinois and 1st United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs|Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • Leonard Hirshan – longtime manager of Clint Eastwood who also counted Edward G. Robinson, Greer Garson, Sophia Loren, Angela Lansbury, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bruce Beresford among his clients over the course of his six-decade career as an agent and manager, died January 31, 2014 in Beverly Hills of Merkel-cell carcinoma.
  • Max Perutz – Nobel Prize–winning chemist
  • Lindsay Thompson – Former Premier of Victoria, Australia
  • Edward Utley – President of Geico
  • Joe Zawinul – Jazz-fusion pioneer
  • John Fitch – Famous race car driver and road safety pioneer
  • Carl Mundy – 30th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
  • Geoffrey Penwill Parsons AO OBE (15 June 1929 – 26 January 1995), the Australian accompanist to singers and instrumentalists, considered one of the world's finest and most sympathetic accompanist of lieder singers.


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