Mantle cell lymphoma natural history, complications and prognosis

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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief:

Ali Akram, M.B.B.S.[2] Sowminya Arikapudi, M.B,B.S. [3]


The prognosis of mantle cell lymphoma has historically been very poor. However, recently improvements have been made and the median survival has increased from 3-4 years to 5-7 years.[1] It is very important to stratify the patients according to their biological risk to better direct the therapeutic approaches.

Natural History

  • Mantle cell lymphoma is generally considered to be an aggressive disease with patients having early relapses and poor long-term survival rates.
  • However, rare forms of the disease which show an indolent behavior, have better outcomes. [2]


  • The evolution of disease in mantle cell lymphoma is highly heterogeneous. Therefore, it is very important to stratify the patients according to their biological risk to better direct the therapeutic approaches.
  • The Mantle Cell Lymphoma International Prognostic Index (MIPI) is now widely used as a prognostic model in MCL patients. It uses the following four parameters to assess the prognosis (Age, ECOG performance, LDH levels, WBC Count):
Mantle Cell Lymphoma International Prognostic Index
Points Age (years) ECOG LDH (upper limit) WBC Count (x 109/L)
0 <50 0/1 <0.67 <6700
1 50-59 - 0.67-0.99 6700-9999
2 60-69 1/2 1-1.49 10000-14999
3 >70 - >1.50 >15000
Risk Points Survival at five years
Low 0-3 60% alive at 5 years
Medium 4-5 51 months
High >5 29 months
  • The tumor proliferation marker, Ki-67, is also an important prognostic marker for mantle cell lymphoma. Values of >30% are associated with a poor progression free survival.[3]
  • Presence of blastoid or pleomorphic morphologic characteristics have also shown to have poor outcomes.[4]


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