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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]

Cost-effectiveness of therapy

  • The aggregate cost of IBS in the United States has been estimated at $1.7-$10 billion in direct medical costs, with an additional $20 billion in indirect costs, for a total of $21.7-$30 billion.[1]
  • A 49% annual increase in medical costs is associated with a diagnosis of IBS.[2][3]
  • IBS patients have average annual direct costs of $5,049 and $406 in out-of-pocket expenses.[4]
  • IBS patients have a reported 34.6% loss in productivity, corresponding to 13.8 hours lost per 40 hour week.[5]
  • IBS patients have high costs for physician visits, outpatients visits, and prescription drugs.
  • In 2007, IBS was associated with an increase of $962 in Medicaid costs in California, and $2191 in North Carolina.
  • Cost of IBS is comparable to asthma patients.[6]

Research spending on IBS


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