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major histocompatibility complex (human), class I, A26
Alleles A*2601
Structure (See HLA-A)
2601 2602 2603 2605
Symbol(s) HLA-A
EBI-HLA A*2601
EBI-HLA A*2602
EBI-HLA A*2603
EBI-HLA A*2605
Shared data
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

HLA-A26 (A26) is an HLA-A serotype. The serotype identifies the more common HLA-A*26 gene products. A26 is a split antigen of the A10 broad antigen serotype group. A*2601 is believed to be the ancestral type for the A10 group, this group also includes A25, A34, A43 and A66.[1] A26 is broadly distributed but A26 is unusually common in Japan with a number of variants.


A26 and A10 serotype recognition of Some HLA A*26 allele-group gene products[1]
A*26 A26 A10 Sample
allele % % size (N)
2601 97 2 1730
2602 81 31
2603 68 8 38
2605 90 10

Serotype recognition of most alleles is generally good.

Disease associations

A26 Serotype is associated with adult T-cell leukemia in Japanese.[2][3]


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