Calculator project

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Calculator project
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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Sadaf Sharfaei M.D.[2]


Calculators are assessment tools based on evidence-based practice for a specific group of patients with a clinical course, in which the different tasks (interventions) by the professionals involved in the patient care are defined, optimized and sequenced. The use of calculators in hospitals and primary care settings have been proven to improve the quality of care to patients, reduce the cost of care and reduce the length of hospital stay. WikiDoc is proud to engage in such a project.

Statement of Need

Health care has undergone rapid changes over the years. The world of medicine is rapidly evolving and there is the need of a tool to improve the quality of health care administered to patients with the aim of reducing the cost of health care, standardizing health care processes, reducing the occurrence of medical errors and optimizing the treatment outcomes both in the acute and home care settings. Risk scores are intended to assist health care provider to optimize the patient care.

How Can WikiDoc Meet These Needs?

The WikiDoc team has come up with the 'calculator project' intended to solve these problems. The calculator project is focused on creating calculators for the risk assessment tools. With the use of calculators, a health care provider can rapidly determine the prognosis and treatment goals of a specific medical condition and institute appropriate actions based on the interpretation. This project is intended for interns, residents, attending physicians, hospitalists, specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to contribute their knowledge and clinical experience. This project aims at improving the quality of making diagnoses and treating medical conditions, reducing the variability in treatment, and to improve the overall quality of patient care. WikiDoc welcomes your involvement in contributing to this project.

How Can You Help WikiDoc Meet These Needs?

Your participation as an Assistant Editor-in-Chief in this project is very important to us at WikiDoc. You are welcome to apply if you are an intern, resident, attending physician, specialist, nurse or a nurse practitioner. It is required of you to have a strong grasp of medical knowledge, and preferably, a prior residency training and experience in order to apply.


All information is provided for educational purposes only. The content provided herein is not intended to supplant but supplement clinical judgment.