XK (protein)

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XK (protein)
Alt. symbolsXKR1, Kx, X1k
Other data
LocusChr. X p21.2-p21.1

XK (also known as Kell blood group precursor) is a protein found on human red blood cells and other tissues which is responsible for the Kx antigen which helps determine a person's blood type.

Clinical significance

The Kx antigen plays a role in matching blood for blood transfusions.

Mutation of XK protein may lead to McLeod syndrome,[1] a multi-system disorder characterized by hemolytic anemia, myopathy, acanthocytosis, and chorea.[2]

XK is located on the X chromosome (cytogenetic band Xp21.1) and absence of the XK protein is an X-linked disease.[3]


XK is a membrane transport protein of unknown action.[4]


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