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Synulox® is a widely known brand name of Veterinary Antibiotic, used for treating infections mostly in the lungs, and nasal tract; and as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. The drug is a compound of amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid. See also Co-amoxiclav.

NB - All quantities shown below are combined - i.e. 500mg = 400mg Amoxicillin and 100mg Clavulanic Acid.


  • Palatable Drops: A powder for reconstitution for oral administration. A broad-spectrum antibiotic for dogs and cats.
  • Palatable Tablets: Available as 50mg, 250mg and 500mg for oral administration. A broad-spectrum antibiotic for dogs and cats.

Bacterial Resistance

Bacterial antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in veterinary medicine.[1] Clavulanic acid inactivates beta-lactamases which are a common resistance strategy in gram positive bacteria. Synulox is reported to be effective against clinical Klebsiella infections, but is not efficacious against Pseudomonas infections.


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  1. Federation of Veterinarians in Europe Position Paper: Antibiotic Resistance & Prudent Use of Antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine[1]

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