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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Sapan Patel M.B.B.S


On wikidoc, a chapter is a collection of smaller chapters called microchapters. For instance, the disease pericarditis is a chapter composed of multiple microchapters such as pericarditis overview, pericarditis pathophysiology, pericarditis treatment etc. Microchapters allow users to access the content they are looking for more efficiently when browsing wikidoc. It also maintains completeness and consistency of Wikidoc pages. Microchaptering on wikidoc is usually a part of our main mission of creating a new page for a disease.

Statement of Need

Most medical pages are very lengthy and require a tremendous time and effort for researchers and practioners to find what they are looking for. Here comes the need for microchapters on wikidoc. Microchapters conveniently stratify a disease into several subcategories in a colored format table and place them on the right hand side of every medical topic on wikidoc. It is also powered by hyperlinks to make the search process much easier.

The goals of creating microchapters are as follows:

  1. Reduce content on any one page so that the page loads more rapidly
  2. Allow users to navigate to the desired content more rapidly
  3. To lower the barrier to entry for younger contributors by focusing their efforts on a manageable scope of content

How Can WikiDoc Meet These Needs

A joint effort has been initiated among Wikidoc chief, scholars on campus and remote collaborators to provide microchaptered content for various diseases and its patient information pages. There are many pages that were already microchaptered on Wikidoc.


How Can You Help WikiDoc Meet These Needs

This project is intended for editors at an Assistant Editor-in-Chief level or higher. This may be the right project for you if you are a college student, medical student, intern, resident, attending physician, hospitalist, specialist, medical faculty, researcher, nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and allied health professional.

Wikidoc always welcomes remote contributions from qualified candidates. If you're equally interested and qualified to participate in the microchapters project, the Wikidoc foundation will be happy to hear from you and guide you on how to start. Once you're on board as an editor, you will be able to select your topic of expertise and start editing. This way, the microchapters project will continue to grow and expand.

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