List of EC numbers (EC 5)

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This list contains a list of EC numbers for the fifth group, EC 5, isomerases, placed in numerical order as determined by the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

EC 5.1: Epimerases and racemases

EC 5.1.1: Acting on Amino acids and Derivatives

EC 5.1.2: Acting on Hydroxy acids and Derivatives

EC 5.1.3: Acting on Carbohydrates and Derivatives

EC 5.1.99: Acting on Other Compounds

EC 5.2: cis-trans-Isomerases

EC 5.3: Intramolecular Oxidoreductases

EC 5.3.1: Interconverting Aldoses and Ketoses

EC 5.3.2: Interconverting Keto- and Enol-Groups

EC 5.3.3: Transposing C=C Bonds

EC 5.3.4: Transposing S-S Bonds

EC 5.3.99: Other Intramolecular Oxidoreductases

EC 5.4: Intramolecular Transferases

EC 5.4.1: Transferring Acyl Groups

EC 5.4.2: Phosphotransferases (Phosphomutases)

EC 5.4.3: Transferring Amino Groups

EC 5.4.4: Transferring hydroxy groups

EC 5.4.99: Transferring Other Groups

EC 5.5: Intramolecular Lyases

EC 5.99: Other Isomerases

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