Incidence and Prevalence Project

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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]


The purpose of the Incidence and Prevalence Project is to create the world's largest open source repository of published epidemiologic data. WikiDoc intends to utilize this information to help patients understand how likely or unlikely they are to develop a specific disease/condition. This project is intended for high school students, college students, medical students, doctoral students or higher to contribute their expertise. This project will require you to gain a mastery of conducting academic research and calculating prevalence based on published data. WikiDoc welcomes your involvement in contributing to this project.

Goals of the Incidence and Prevalence Project

  • To assemble the world's largest open source repository of published prevalence data for rare diseases.
  • To help patients understand and quantify the risk of developing a specific disease or condition.
  • To create data to help build an artificial intelligence system for diagnosing diseases.

Who can contribute to the Incidence and Prevalence Project?

The Incidence and Prevalence Project is intended for editors at an Assistant Editor-in-Chief level or higher. It is specifically designed for students of all levels (high school, college, medical school, and doctoral programs) to help hone their quantitative research skills.

How to get started

If you are interested in the Incidence and Prevalence Project, please email WikiDoc to obtain your portion to research of the Prevalence database.

Next steps

1. A member of the WikiDoc team will send you a research assignment. To begin, open your spreadsheet. 2. Identify a disease in column B. Note: You will ignore any diseases in blue font. 3. Find the prevalence of the disease in the form of cases per 100,000 using reputable resources. An example of a reputable source would be the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the Clinton Foundation, etc. When possible, find the prevalence of the disease in both developed countries (column C) and undeveloped/developing countries (column D). Click here to determine if a country is developed versus developing.

  • Prevalence is defined as the total number of cases of a disease in a given population at a given time.
  • Scenario One: Sometimes the prevalence of a disease can be taken directly from a source and other times it may be given but may need to be converted into the form of cases per 100,000. Ex. 20 cases per 1,000 should be converted to 2,000 cases per 100,000 and entered as “2,000” in the appropriate column.
  • Scenario Two: Sometimes the prevalence cannot be found for a particular disease. In this scenario the prevalence can be calculated by dividing the number of reported cases by the size of the population those cases were reported in. Ex. If 2,000 cases of a disease were reported in the U.S. the prevalence of the disease would be calculated by dividing those cases by 316,000,000 - the population of the U.S. 2,000/316,000,000 = 6.32911E-06. Multiply this result by 100,000 to achieve the statistic in the form of cases per 100,000. For this example “0.632911392” should be entered in column C. Here is the generalized formula:
  • Perform all calculations in the excel sheet using the basic excel functions. Please also provide a short and simple explanation of the calculation in column E. This should include the number of cases and the population size used in the calculation. Adapt the following explanation for this purpose: The prevalence was calculated by dividing the X number of reported cases by the Y population of country Z and multiplied by 100,000.

4. Enter the source(s) from which information was taken in columns F and G. Be sure that another researcher could independently verify your calculations using only the sources you provide in these columns and the explanation of the calculations you performed. 5. Save the spreadsheet as “Prevalence DB_[Your Initials].xlsx” replacing the “Your Initials” portion with your initials. For example, “Prevalence DB_KMF.xlsx”. 6. Send the completed spreadsheet to Kristin (

If you have any questions, please ask before you proceed. Kristin is available via telephone Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST at 617-632-7590. You may also email Kristin ( with any questions you have.

Appendix A

Developed Countries

Country Name Status
Andorra Developed
Australia Developed
Austria Developed
Belgium Developed
Bermuda Developed
Canada Developed
Cyprus Developed
Czech Republic Developed
Denmark Developed
Faroe Islands Developed
Finland Developed
France Developed
Germany Developed
Greece Developed
Holy See Developed
Hong Kong Developed
Iceland Developed
Ireland Developed
Israel Developed
Italy Developed
Japan Developed
Liechtenstein Developed
Luxembourg Developed
Malta Developed
Monaco Developed
Netherlands Developed
New Zeland Developed
Norway Developed
Portugal Developed
San Marino Developed
Singapore Developed
Slovak Republic Developed
Slovenia Developed
South Korea Developed
Spain Developed
Sweden Developed
Switzerland Developed
Taiwan Developed
United Kingdom Developed
United States Developed

Developing Countries

Country Name Status
Afghanistan Developing
Algeria Developing
Angola Developing
Antigua and Barbuda Developing
Argentina Developing
Aruba Developing
The Bahamas Developing
Bahrain Developing
Bangladesh Developing
Barbados Developing
Belize Developing
Benin Developing
Bhutan Developing
Bolivia Developing
Botswana Developing
Brazil Developing
Burkina Faso Developing
Burma Developing
Burduni Developing
Cambodia Developing
Cameroon Developing
Cape Verde Developing
Central African Republic Developing
Chad Developing
Chile Developing
China Developing
Colombia Developing
Comoros Developing
Democratic Republic of the Congo Developing
Republic of the Congo Developing
Costa Rica Developing
Cote d'Ivoire Developing
Cyprus Developing
Djibouti Developing
Dominica Developing
Dominican Republic Developing
Ecuador Developing
Egypt Developing
El Salvador Developing
Equatorial Guinea Developing
Ethiopia Developing
Fiji Developing
Gabon Developing
The Gambia Developing
Ghan Developing
Grenada Developing
Guatemala Developing
Guinea Developing
Guinea-Bissau Developing
Guyana Developing
Haiti Developing
Honduras Developing
India Developing
Indonesia Developing
Iran Developing
Iraq Developing
Jamaica Developing
Jordan Developing
Kenya Developing
Kiribati Developing
Kuwait Developing
Loas Developing
Lebanon Developing
Lesotho Developing
Liberia Developing
Libya Developing
Madagascar Developing
Malwai Developing
Malaysia Developing
Maldives Developing
Mali Developing
Marshall Islands Developing
Mauritania Developing
Mauritius Developing
Mexico Developing
Federated States of Micronesia Developing
Morocco Developing
Mozambique Developing
Namibia Developing
Nepal Developing
Netherlands Antilles Developing
Nicaragua Developing
Niger Developing
Nigeria Developing
Oman Developing
Pakistan Developing
Panama Developing
Papua New Guinea Developing
Paraguay Developing
Peru Developing
Philippines Developing
Qatar Developing
Rwanda Developing
Saint Kitts and Nevis Developing
Saint Lucia Developing
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Developing
Samoa Developing
Sao Tome and Principe Developing
Saudi Arabia Developing
Senegal Developing
Seychelles Developing
Sierra Leone Developing
Solomon Islands Developing
Somalia Developing
South Africa Developing
Sri Lanka Developing
Sudan Developing
Suriname Developing
Swaziland Developing
Syria Developing
Tanzania Developing
Thailand Developing
Togo Developing
Trinidad and Tobago Developing
Tunisia Developing
Turkey Developing
United Arab Emirates Developing
Uganda Developing
Uruguay Developing
Vanuatu Developing
Venezuela Developing
Vietnam Developing
Yemen Developing
Zambia Developing
Zimbabwe Developing
American Samoa Developing
Anguilla Developing
British Virgin Islands Developing
Brunei Developing
Cayman Islands Developing
Christmas Island Developing
Cocos Island Developing
Cook Islands Developing
Cuba Developing
Eritrea Developing
Falkland Islands Developing
French Guiana Developing
French Polynesia Developing
Gaza Strip Developing
Gabraltar Developing
Greenland Developing
Gaudeloupe Developing
Gaum Developing
Guernsey Developing
Isle of Man Developing
Jersey Developing
North Korea Developing
Macau Developing
Martinique Developing
Mayotte Developing
Montserrat Developing
Nauru Developing
New Caledonia Developing
Niue Developing
Norfolk Island Developing
Northern Mariana Islands Developing
Palau Developing
Pitcairn Islands Developing
Puerto Rico Developing
Reunion Developing
Saint Helena Developing
Ascension Developing
Tristan de Cunha Developing
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Developing
Tokelau Developing
Tonga Developing
Turks and Caicos Islands Developing
Tuvalu Developing
Virgin Islands Developing
Wallis and Futuna Developing
West Bank Developing
Western Sahara Developing