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Hyphema - occupying half of anterior chamber of eye
ICD-10 H21.0
ICD-9 364.41
DiseasesDB 31299
MedlinePlus 001021
eMedicine oph/765 
MeSH C11.290.484


Anterior chamber is light gray portion at top

A hyphema is the collection of blood in the anterior chamber of the eye. Visible as a reddish tinge in the anterior chamber, hyphemas are frequently caused by blunt trauma to the eye and may partially or completely block vision. When the anterior chamber is filled completely with blood, the eye appears black and is commonly known as an "eight ball hemorrhage".

A long-standing hyphema may result in hemosiderosis and heterochromia.[1] Blood accumulation may also cause an elevation of the intraocular pressure.


First Aid for Hyphema (blood in the anterior chamber of the eye) includes bed rest with head elevated by 45-60 degrees with both eyes closed (not patched or bandaged), application of ice-pack, avoidance of straining during bowel movements and while bending over, and during any sexual activity. Medication to reduce eye-pressure and corticosteriods, both as eye-drops, should be started. No aspirin or NSAIDs. If pain is severe use Paracetamol.

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