Hirsutism history and symptoms

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The hallmark of hirsutism is excessive facial hair growth. A positive history of virilizing symptoms is suggestive of an underlying hormonal imbalance. The most important points in history taking regarding hirsutism in patients include: Age of onset, family history, and severity/progression.

History and Symptoms


  • A good and accurate history of the onset and developmental milestones are important and useful in making a diagnosis of hirsutism.[1]

Age of Onset

  • During puberty
    • Mainly due to idiopathic hirsutism and other less serious causes of hirsutism
  • Hirsutism in middle-aged or older women

Family History

Hirsutism severity and rate of progression

  • A benign form of hirsutism is usually characterized by pubertal onset with slow progression over many years. This is often true of hirsutism with PCOS.
  • An androgen-secreting tumor is a possibility with a history of rapid severe hirsutism or other signs of virilization.
  • Adrenarche and Puberty: Early development of pubic hair is a pointer towards CAH.

Common Symptoms

Less Common Symptoms


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