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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]

Why put an article in a category?

  • At some point it becomes useful to classify the information according to categories. For instance, you might want to add an article on acute MI to the category of cardiology. Acute MI would then be included with all the other articles related to the subject of cardiology in this category. All the articles in a category can come together to forming a living textbook of a given topic.
  • Categories are also used to list all the articles that need work for instance, like the addition of an overview statement.

How to put an article in a category

To add an article to a category, simply add (for each category) a line as follows:

[[Category:Name of category]]
Note (1): The absent space between the colon (:) and the words before it and after it
Note (2): Only the letter [C] in "Category" and the first letter in the category name are capitalized

Typing this:

[[Category:Vascular medicine]]
Note: Only the first letter in the first word is capitalized [V], but the first letter in the second word is not capitalized [m]

Adds the page to the Category of Cardiology chapters and Vascular medicine chapters, respectively.

It is convention to insert these lines near the bottom of the wiki page. Once your edit is saved, the category will exist and add the article you just edited will be added to it.

Approved Categories for Tagging Chapter Pages

[[Category:Differential diagnosis]]
[[Category:Emergency medicine]] ---> Put it in all microchapters of your page if there is any emergency presentation of the disease
[[Category:Infectious disease]]
[[Category:Intensive care medicine]]
[[Category:Primary care]] --->  Put it in all microchapters of your page if the disease is a general disease that can be managed and should be managed, diagnosed, or routinely checked by primary care physician
[[Category:Radiology]] ---> Put it in all microchapters of your page that are related to radiology including Electrocardiogram, X-Ray Findings, Echocardiography and Ultrasound, CT-Scan Findings, MRI Findings, Other Imaging Findings 
[[Category:Resident survival guide]]
[[Category:Surgery]] ---> Put it in all microchapters of your page if there is any surgical treatment available regarding the disease management
[[Category:Vascular medicine]]