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Call +1 617-632-7590 to speak with WikiDoc, or e-mail questions@wikidoc.org

View a TEDx Talk by Dr. Gibson about WikiDoc here

Why Volunteer at WikiDoc? What are the Rewards for me?

Advantages to joining WikiDoc include expanding your CV, studying for board examinations, networking opportunities and exposure of your work to 2.5 million viewers a day.

Expand Your CV

  • You can build your CV by becoming an Associate or Assistant Editor-in-Chief of as many disease states as you can meaningfully contribute to.
  • If you click on the button "permanent link" at the bottom of the page, a hyperlink will be created that you can insert into your CV which will bring readers to the page as you last edited it (before others changed it after you).

Become a Wikidoc Scholar and Become a Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Entire WikiDoc Site

  • Working in the Longwood Medical Area at WikiDoc provides you with an academic environment with access to information and resources for building a career in research. We encourage you to participate in many projects at WikiDoc such as the Board Review and Crowdiagnosis projects.
  • Recognition as a WikiDoc Scholar - Those individuals who make significant contributions receive a "WikiDoc Scholar Certificate".

Prepare for Your Board Exams

As a WikiDoc Scholar, you can contribute to our Board Review Project. This project is designed for you to become an author of standard board examination questions. The project further consolidates your foundation of medical knowledge and pathophysiological concepts which ultimately reflects on your test scores. WikiDoc anticipates your contributions towards these examinations:- MCAT, USMLE steps (1,2 &3) and specialty board exams.


By including your email address as an editor, you can connect with the thousands of students, physicians and patients around the world who view your contributions each year.


WikiDoc.org is viewed 896 million times per year or 2.5 million times per day. This provides a medium for millions of people around the world to view the product of your activities.

Receive a Letter of Recommendation from the Editor-In-Chief Dr. Gibson

The Editor-in-Chief of the site (C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D.) may at his sole discretion prepare a letter of recommendation that is commensurate with both the quality and quantity of an individuals academic achievements.

CME Credits

Coming soon there will be an opportunity for you to claim continuing medical education (CME) credits through your activities as an editor at WikiDoc.

Who Can Volunteer at WikiDoc?

WikiDoc welcomes everyone from all over the world to join our team. You do not have to be a doctor in order to apply for this position. Below is a list of WikiDoc contributors: