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Current Position

AUC School of Medicine [2012-present]

Clinical Sciences Medical Student

Previous Position

AUC School of Medicine [2013]

Anatomy Course Teaching Assistant
  • Overseeing dissections and proper identification of cadaver anatomical structures
  • Answering student questions and clarifying understanding
  • Holding mock examinations for students
  • Conducting prosections prior to student dissection sessions
Pathology Course and Molecular Cell Biology Course University Tutor / Teaching Assistant
  • Preparing student lesson plans
  • Holding review sessions for students
  • Conducting weekly & biweekly lectures
  • Answering questions and ensuring student understanding
  • Developing examination preparation material

ProTransport-1 Ambulance Service [2005-2012]

Operational Strategy and Development
  • Overseeing the overall development of the company
  • Proposing and implementing strategies for growth and expansion into new areas and services
  • Monitoring system-wide operational readiness, performance, and effectiveness, and collaborating with all support departments and agencies to achieve high level patient care
  • Establishing a positive working environment to promote a productive workforce
  • Delivering compassionate patient care to individuals in a dynamic setting that requires rapid decision-making.

University of California, Berkeley – New Student Services [2006]

Cal Student Orientation Counselor
  • Assisting new students to choose their courses
  • Informing new students of resources and services they have available to them
  • Informing new students of University policies
  • Relating personal experience to new students to help ease transition to university life

Educational and Postgraduate Training

AUC School of Medicine [2012-present]

Anticipated graduation in April 2016

University of California, Berkeley (undergraduate) [2005-2008]

Degree in Physics

Research Experience


Draeger, TB, Trarore, D,Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, P. (2015) “Pesticide Poisoning,” Clinical Pathways in Emergency Medicine. Springer (Accepted for Print, Anticipated Publication July 2015)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Draeger, TB, Wright, S, Meenakshisundaram, R, Kadr, H. (2015) “Cardioversion: A Five Year Audit of DC Cardioversion for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation in East London” Journal of Postgraduate Medicine. (Awaiting Publisher)

Volunteer Work

AUC School of Medicine Orientation Program [2013-2014]

Orientation Advisor/Web Developer
  • Assisting new students in setup of various living necessities, informing new students of University policies, providing resources to new students before starting classes and continuing to be a resource throughout their first semester
  • Developing a webpage for new students to utilize as a resource for finding important information about the school, community, and other valuable resources

I CAN Foundation [2012-2014]

  • Volunteering time with the children at the orphanage, including: taking the children to the beach, having picnics, playing sports games, teaching about healthy practices, such as brushing teeth and eating healthily.
  • Taking vital measurements including, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and height, etc.

Sint Maarten AIDS Foundation [2012-2014]

Volunteer Counselor & Tester
  • Conducting sexual histories on individuals, performing rapid HIV testing, transporting test results, guiding individuals to the proper locations, recording initial demographic data and assigning testing identification numbers, assisting new testers unable to obtain blood samples, setting up and dismantling test locations

Memberships and Awards

Qualified for AUC School of Medicine Basic Medical Sciences Dean’s List

Fall 2012 Semester, Spring 2013 Semester, Fall 2013 Semester, & Spring 2014 Semester
  • Qualification requires attaining average grade for all semester courses above 87%

Alpha Omega Phi Honor Service Society

Inducted Spring 2014 Semester

  • Eligibility requires maintaining cumulative medical school grade average of 85% throughout basic medical sciences and consistently volunteering within the community

American Medical Student Association [2012-present]

National Member

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity [2013-2014]

Secretary, Sigma Chi Mu Chapter
  • Responsible for recording minutes at chapter meetings, chapter supply logistics, and serving on the executive board for fraternity decision making

AUC School of Medicine [2013-2014]

Cardiac Anatomy Research Coordinator
  • Responsible for coordination of student cardiac research activities, proposing research topics and abstracts to faculty, and overseeing laboratory cardiac dissection

San Francisco EMS Advisory Committee [2008-2012]

Voting Committee Member
  • Evaluating overall operation of EMS system, developing new policies and protocols, and making modifications to ensure continued effectiveness of the system for the residents and visitors of San Francisco.