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Peter Wei

About Me

  • Austin, TX
  • Liberal Arts and Science Academy
  • Halfway done with High School
  • Nephew of John P. Wei, M.D., General, Oncologic, & Endocrine Surgery, Lahey Clinic, Dept. of Surgery, Burlington, MA


  • Wikidoc Scholars :)
  • Swimming
  • Orchestra
  • Robotics

My Relationship with Medicine

I was first introduced to medicine through a medical related event for Science Olympiad called Disease Detectives. Though the event was innocent enough, with little to no relevance to actual medicine, I was exposed to the large and expanding field of medicine. Through intense study, I picked up on moderately advanced concepts of medicine. Even after the end of the Science Olympiad season, I still studied in hopes that I would one day be a major contributor to the field of medicine.