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Mandana Safakhah,MD


Medical Education and Honors

  • General practitioner graduated from SHAHID BEHESHTI university of medical science, TEHRAN, IRAN
  • Free participant of The 5th world Healthcare student's symposium, Lausanne, Switzerland, with the title of ~Demystifying inter-professional collaboration 8-13th of Sep 2013
  • Co-operation with international journal of Cancer Management (IJCM) magazine in cancer research Centre of Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences
  • Active participant in 7th Annual research conference of Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences students, 17th of Dec 2011 Tehran, Iran.
  • Active participant in 8th annual research conference of Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences students, held on 16th of Dec 2012 by research committee of the university Tehran, Iran
  • Member of health management medical student's olympiad team at SHAHID BEHESHTI university of medical sciences
  • Free participant in AMEE 2014 MILAN, ITALY


  • Executive deputy in elderly care section, from April 2012 to March 2018, BE-SOOYE-FARDAYE-BEHTAR institute, SHAHRUD, Semnan, Iran
  • National officer for SCORP (standing committee of patient’s rights and peace) from Jan 2014 to May 2014, Iranian medical students association [IFMSA] (IFMSA is a non-governmental organisation which is consisted of volunteer medical students worldwide and has 6 standing committees: SCOPH which promotes public health, SCORA for reproductive health and AIDS, SCOMA for medical education, SCORE which provides opportunities for medical students worldwide to do various researches in the field of medicine and collaborate with international professors, SCOPE which is responsible for exchanging medical students for rotations in hospitals worldwide and SCORP. Also IFMSA was founded in May 1951 and has 135 member organization).
  • Administrative staff of the first national congress for cancer controlling comprehensive plan-4-6th of Feb/2014 in Tehran, Iran
  • Conduction of the first seminar of preventing child abuse, protection of abused children and honoring the child's week oct,07, 2013 to oct,13, 2013 in the conference hall of children’s medical center hospital Tehran, Iran
  • Working with cancer research center ,IRAN,TEHRAN on the first experience of Intra-Operative radiation therapy in patients with vertebrae malignant metastasis in IRAN as my thesis ,2019
  • Remote clinical research fellow and editor in Wikidoc scholar program (BIDMC-Harvard Medical School), Boston, Massachusetts 2020

Work experiences

  • Working as a clinical research physician in approved research projects in the research departments of the Health Management & Economics Research Center affiliated to Iran University of medical sciences in the domain of Economics of Cardiovascular Diseases, Economics of Cancer and Economics and Healthcare Policies in the field of Aging from 12th of March 2018 to 2th February 2020.
  • Working as a full time clinical research physician at the Employees’ Health Cohort Study of Iran (EHCSIR) project from 12th March 2018 to 23th August 2019
  • Worked as a gynecology and obstetrics resident in 1000 bed hospital in Tehran, Iran, from Sep 2019 till Nov 2019
  • Worked as a general practitioner in respiratory clinic at Arad private hospital from 21/01/19

Pages Authored/Co-authored

Brown-Sequard syndrome
COVID-19-associated seizure