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Eman Al-Ademi M.D.

Eman Al-Ademi. MD



Current Position

Associate Editor-in-Chief at Wikidoc.

Doctor in trine at plastic surgery department in Rashid hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Professional Background

Dr. Eman received her Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MD) at Damascus University, faculty of medicine. She is currently Working as a trine doctor in Rashid hospital Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and as an Associate editor-in-chief at WikiDoc.


  • Institution:Damascus University Faculty of Medicine Degree: Doctor of Medicine (MD) Date Degree Conferred: 04/2009

Clinical Experience

  • 6 years experience as resident doctor at the surgery dept. of UST Hospital in Sanaa, YEMEN -Volunteering with InterPlast Germany e.V. to help undeserved populations suffering from burns and congenital malformations Hospital.


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