Superior parietal lobule

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Brain: Superior parietal lobule
Lateral surface of left cerebral hemisphere, viewed from the side. (Superior parietal lobule is in upper right.)
Lateral surface of left cerebral hemisphere, viewed from above. (Superior parietal lobule visible at bottom right.)
Latin lobulus parietalis superior
Gray's subject #189 823
NeuroNames hier-88

The superior parietal lobule is bounded in front by the upper part of the postcentral sulcus, but is usually connected with the posterior central gyrus above the end of the sulcus.

Behind it is the lateral part of the parietoöccipital fissure, around the end of which it is joined to the occipital lobe by a curved gyrus, the arcus parietoöccipitalis.

Below, it is separated from the inferior parietal lobule by the horizontal portion of the intraparietal sulcus.

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