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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]


To begin, load the Patient information page template here. This template has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. All coding should incorporate this format. Please note that where it says "Type page name here" in the code, you should replace with your condition's name. In addition, any time the word (condition) appears, you should also replace with your condition name.

Things to Note:

  • If your patient information page is coming from a mature chapter, you should include the coding for the expanded navigation template.
  • Be sure to check the WikiDoc condition main page to copy the appropriate InfoBox links. (The InfoBox is the code that appears at the very top of your condition main page and denotes additional resources such as the ICD10, ICD9, ICD0, OMIM, MedlinePlus, eMedicineSubj, eMedicineTopic, MeshName, and MeshName. If no such code exists on the condition main page, do not add one.)
  • Coding 101:
    • Remove the Editor Join template
    • The SI and SIB templates should only be included if no expanded navigation template exists. There should never be both a SI/SIB template and an expanded navigation template.
    • Capitalization is extremely important in WikiDoc coding. Please only capitalize the first letter of your page names (i.e. Category:Page name here).

Patient Information page

  • Search the National Library of Medicine and other government sites to assure the patient page is complete.
  • Goal: A patient-oriented page generally addressing background, diagnosis, and treatment of this condition.
    • The page is written at an 8th grade level of comprehension.
    • Language is not overly technical.
  • Appropriate content:
    • Overview
    • What are the symptoms of (the condition)?
    • What causes (the conditon)?
    • Who is at the highest risk?
    • When to seek urgent medical care?
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment options
    • Where to find medical care for (the condition)?

Directions to Hospitals Treating Condition

    • What to expect (Outlook/Prognosis)?
    • Possible complications
    • Sources
  • Remember:
    • Include a link back to the physician page of WikiDoc at the top of the page.
    • Always place an Editor-In-Chief code at the top of the page.
    • Never take content directly from a source without checking copyright (no content should ever be copied directly from PubMed articles, copyrighted Encyclopedias, etc).

Placing your Patient Information Page in a Category

  • Category:Patient information

Things to Note:

  • If your condition falls within a specific system, code a category for the system involved. (I.E. Leukemia would be Hematology because it involves the circulatory system.)
  • All pages should be designated Category:Overview complete once an overview statement is in place.
  • All patient information pages should include additional applicable categories: Drug, Disease state, Surgery, etc.

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