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The most potent risk factors in the development of uncomplicated neck pain is poor posture, anxiety and depression, neck strain, occupational injuries, or sporting injuries.Other risk factors include mechanical and degenerative factors, soft-tissue trauma, most typically seen in whiplash injuries. Disc prolapse and inflammatory, infective, or malignant conditions affect the cervical spine are less common risk factors.

Risk Factors

Common Risk Factors

  • Common risk factors in the development of neck pain may be occupational, environmental, genetic, and viral.
  • Common risk factors in the development of neck pain include:
    • poor posture
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • neck strain
    • occupational injuries
    • sporting injuries
    • mechanical and degenerative factors
    • whiplash injuries[1][2][3][4]

Less Common Risk Factors

  • Less common risk factors in the development of neck pain include:
    • Disc prolapse and inflammatory
    • infective
    • malignant conditions affect the cervical spine [1]


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