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The exact cause of insulin resistance is not yet understood. The relationship between obesity, inactivity, a diet high in carbohydrates, and insulin resistance is not clear. It is not yet known if insulin resistance causes excess weight or if insulin resistance is a result of excess weight and obesity. However, They do reinforce each other and tend to coexist.


The cause of the vast majority of cases of insulin resistance remains unknown. However, scientists believe insulin resistance might be caused by excess weight, physical inactivity and a high carbohydrate diet. Some physicians also believe that glucosamine (often prescribed for joint problems), certain steroids and lack of sleep may cause insulin resistance.

Excess fat, especially around the belly area is believed to be the primary cause of insulin resistance. Studies have shown that belly fat produces hormones and other substances that can cause health problems such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease or CVD. The inflammation caused by chronic belly fat can be a contributor to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Weight loss and physical activity can help treat insulin resistance and high blood glucose. Muscles use glucose more than other tissues, leading active muscles to burn their stored glucose and to utilise glucose from bloodstream to replace lost glucose, which in turn would lead to lower blood glucose, provided a balanced low glycemic index diet is followed.


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