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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]


The table below shows you the syntax to insert a wide range of data and times into a WikiDoc page.


Word Example Explanation
{{CURRENTDAY}} 6 Displays the current day in numeric form.
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Monday Displays the current day in named form.
{{CURRENTDOW}} 1 Displays the current day as a number of the week (0=Sunday, 1=Monday...).
{{CURRENTMONTH}} 04 Displays the current month in numeric form.
{{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} Apr Displays the abbreviation of the current month.
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} April Displays the current month in named form.
{{CURRENTMONTHNAMEGEN}} April Displays the name of the current month in genitive form. Wikis that don't support this will default to {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}.
{{CURRENTTIME}} 19:29 Displays the current time of day (hours:minutes).
{{CURRENTWEEK}} 15 Displays the number of the current week (1-52).
{{CURRENTYEAR}} 2020 Returns the current year.

An Example

Typing this:


Displays this:

It is currently 19:29, Monday April 6, 2020