Group 7 element

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Group 7
4 25
5 43
6 75
7 107

A Group 7 element is one in the series of elements in group 7 (IUPAC style) in the periodic table, which consists of the transition metals manganese (Mn), technetium (Tc), rhenium (Re), and bohrium (Bh).

All of these elements are classed in Group 7 because their valence shells hold seven electrons. Technetium has no stable isotopes. Technetium and promethium are the only two such elements before polonium, after which no known element has a stable isotope.

Explanation of right side periodic table slice: Transition metals atomic number in black are solids solid borders are older than the Earth (Primordial elements) dotted borders are made artificially (Synthetic elements) dashed borders have no isotopes older than the earth


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