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Group 10
4 28
5 46
6 78
7 110

A Group 10 element is one in the series of elements in group 10 (IUPAC style) in the periodic table, which consists of the transition metals nickel (Ni), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), and darmstadtium (Ds)

Explanation of right side periodic table slice: Transition metals atomic number in black are solids solid borders are older than the Earth (Primordial elements) dashed borders have no isotopes older than the earth


Group ten metals are white to light grey in color, and possess a high luster, a resistance to tarnish(oxidation) at STP, are highly ductile, and enter into oxidation states of +2 and +4, with +1 being seen in special conditions. The existence of a +3 state is debated, as the state could be an illusory state created by +2 and +4 states. Theory suggests that group 10 metals may produce a +6 oxidation state under precise conditions, but this remains to be proven conclusively in the laboratory.


The group ten metals share several uses. These include:

  • Decorative purposes, in the form of jewelry and electroplating
  • Catalysts in a variety of chemical reactions
  • Metal Alloys
  • Electrical components, due to their predictable changes in electrical resistivity with reguard to temperature.
  • Superconductors, as components in alloys with other metals.



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