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In medicine, a family history consists of information about disorders that a patient's direct blood relatives have suffered from. Genealogy typically includes very little of the medical history of the family, but the medical history could be considered a specific subset of the total history of a family.


A family history of coronary artery disease is defined as the presence of coronary artery disease in a first degree relative < 60 years of age.


Although often neglected,[1] many doctors glean information on family morbidity of particular diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disorders, mental disorders, diabetes, cancer) to appreciate whether a person is at risk for developing similar problems. Use of a genogram can be helpful in a family history, which is in the format of a family tree.

Family histories may be imprecise because of various possible reasons:

  • Adoption or illegitimacy
  • Lack of contact between close relatives
  • Uncertainty about the relative's exact diagnosis

In complex situations, a family tree may be necessary to cover the necessary aspects.


Not all positive family histories imply a genetic cause. If various members of the same family have been exposed to the same toxin, then they may develop similar symptoms without a genetic cause.

If a patient has a strong family history of a particular disorder (or group of disorders), this will generally lead to a lower threshold for investigating symptoms.

In diseases with a known hereditary component, many healthy people are now tested early to prevent the symptoms from developing. This has become accepted in cystic fibrosis, hemochromatosis and various other disorders.


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