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Introduction to the Page

  • The page name should be "(Disease name) case study one", with only the first letter of the title capitalized.
  • Goal: To provide a case reports of the disease seen in the hospital.
  • As with all microchapter pages linking to the main page, at the top of the edit box put {{CMG}}, your name template, and the microchapter navigation template you created at the beginning.
  • Remember to create links within Wikidoc by placing [[square brackets]] around key words which you want to link to other pages. Make sure you makes your links as specific as possible. For example if a sentence contained the phrase anterior spinal artery syndrome, the link should be to anterior spinal artery syndrome not anterior or artery or syndrome. For more information on how to create links click here.
  • Remember to follow the same format and capitalization of letters as outlined in the template below.

Patient Presentation

  • Here case should be described in detail as it is presented in the morning reports.
  • It should include symptoms at presentation, and the history of present illness.
  • It should include medications and supplements currently being taken by the patient.
  • A review of systems may be included here.

Patient History

  • In this section, describe the patients past medical history, past hospitalizations, past surgeries.
  • The history of illness in family members can also be included here.

Physical Exam

  • Include vital signs here.
  • Include pertinent postives and pertinent negatives seen on physical examination.

Diagnostic Approach

  • In this section you may describe the diagnostic approach such as laboratory studies, imaging and other diagnostic studies.]Describe how the diagnostic approach works to rule out various diagnoses in the differential diagnosis list.

Laboratory and Imaging Findings

  • Include pertinent laboratory findings here.
  • Include findings seen on imaging, and results of other diagnostic studies here.

Diagnosis and Management

  • Describe the diagnosis here, and how the diagnosis was made.
  • Describe the treatment here, and if any prophylactic measures are used to prevent complications of the condition.


  • References should be cited for the material that you have put on your page. Type in {{reflist|2}}.This will generate your references in small font, in two columns, with links to the original article and abstract.
  • For information on how to add references into your page, click here.

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