Bone morphogenetic protein 8b

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Bone morphogenetic protein 8b
Other names: Osteogenic Protein 2 (OP2)
Genetic data
Locus: Chr. 1 p35-p32
Gene code: HUGO code:BMP8b
Protein Structure/Function
Functions: cell signaling, cell differentiation,cartilage development, growth, ossification
Domains: TGFβ
Taxa expressing: many metazoan phyla
Cell types: many (hippocampus)
Subcellular localization: extracellular
Database Links
Entrez: 656
OMIM: 602284
RefSeq: NM_001720
UniProt: P34820

Bone morphogenetic protein 8b (BMP8b) is a polypeptide belonging to the TGF-β superfamily of proteins. It has close sequence homology to BMP7 and BMP5 and is believed to play a role in bone and cartilage development. It has been shown to be expressed in the hippocampus of murine embryos.