Biliary atresia echocardiography or ultrasound

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Ultrasonography shows a hypoplastic or absent gallbladder. Prandial state is not relevant to testing. Non filling of the gallbladder can be seen. The triangular cord sign described by Park et al. can be visualised.

Key Ultrasound Findings in biliary atresia

On abdominal ultrasound, biliary atresia shows:

  • echogenic fibrous tissue anterior to the portal vein: triangular cord sign showing a solid proximal biliary remnant anterior to the bifurcation of the portal vein. [1]
    • It represents the remnant of the extrahepatic bile duct
  • Changes of the hepatic artery
    • larger hepatic artery caliber [2]
    • Doppler showing subcapsular hepatic arterial flow
    • right proximal hepatic artery diameter >1.5 mm
    • hepatic artery to portal vein diameter ratio >0.45
  • gallbladder ghost triad [3]

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