Articularis genu muscle

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Articularis genu muscle
Right femur. Anterior surface.
Latin musculus articularis genus
Gray's subject #128 471
Origin femur
Insertion    suprapatellar bursa
Artery: femoral artery
Nerve: femoral nerve
Action: Pulling the suprapatellar bursa during extension of the knee.

The Articularis genu (Subcrureus) is a small muscle, usually distinct from the Vastus intermedius, but occasionally blended with it; it arises from the anterior surface of the lower part of the body of the femur, and is inserted into the upper part of the synovial membrane of the knee-joint.

Articularis genu pulls the suprapatellar bursa during extension of the knee, allowing the patella to move freely without friction with the femur.

It sometimes consists of several separate muscular bundles.

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