Anterior perforated substance

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Brain: Anterior perforated substance
Scheme of rhinencephalon. (Anterior perforated substance labeled at bottom left.)
Base of brain. (Anterior perforated substance labeled at center.)
Latin substantia perforata anterior
Gray's subject #189 827
NeuroNames hier-264
Dorlands/Elsevier s_27/12766902

The anterior perforated substance is an irregularly quadrilateral area in front of the optic tract and behind the olfactory trigone, from which it is separated by the fissure prima; medially and in front it is continuous with the subcallosal gyrus; laterally it is bounded by the lateral stria of the olfactory tract and is continued into the uncus.

Its gray substance is confluent above with that of the corpus striatum, and is perforated anteriorly by numerous small bloodvessels.

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