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The Australian National Genomic Information Service (ANGIS) provides access for biologists to a comprehensive system of bioinformatics software, databases, documentation, training and support, on a subscription basis. Whilst clearly targeted at Australian researchers, the tools ANGIS provides are available online and is available to investigators worldwide.


BioManager is the main resource ANGIS provides. BioManager was developed from the earlier tool BioNavigator which was originally developed by a now defunct Australian bioinformatics company, Entigen(1)[citation needed] BioManager is a subscription based system that allows for integration of multiplte bioinformatic computer packages to be used in a single web user interface. Data from analyses can be stored on the system or used as inputs to other packages in BioManager. ANGIS also provides a variety of training resources and courses to help make these tools readily usable by the scientific community. BioManager access is available to the Australian and New Zealand academic communities. Access from outside Australia and NZ is by enquiry. In March 2007, ANGIS is now overseen by the University of Sydney Centre, Sydney Bioinformatics.


ANGIS began as a project at the University of Sydney in 1990, originally the Sydney University Sequence Analysis Interface (SUSAI) as a multi-disciplinary effort spearheaded by Trevor Cole, Alex Reisner and Peter Reeves. One year later in 1991, SUSAI became ANGIS through the formation of the Australian Genomic Information Center (AGIC), a government sanctioned research center. ANGIS is currently operated by the University of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia within the newly formed Sydney Bioinformatics.


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