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50px This user account is a bot operated by Rich Farmbrough.

It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
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I use Firefox and WP:AWB at the moment. I also use Perl to scan database downloads. If requested I will prepare lists of articles for other users when I can. Where possible SmackBot will avoid pages with the {{nobots}} tag. I may also start using the python Wikipediabot


Current tasks

Recurrent tasks

Note:due to a MS operating system failure 1-3 are on hold.
  1. Correct "External link" to "External links".
  2. Correct "Reference" to "References".
  3. Correct "ISBN:" to "ISBN" to allow wikimagic to prevail.
    • Other minor improvements to layout of ISBN to allow wikimagic to prevail.
    • (Insert correct hyphenation of ISBNs, label articles with invalid ISBNs (too short, too long, lang code, pub code undefined)).
    • Check check digit, categorise articles with invalid ISBNs.
    • Convert to 13 digit code (standard from 2007) see ISBN (currently paused)
  4. Add a date to the maintenance tags which put articles in sub-categories of sorted by month - currently (as of February 2007):
    and their synonyms and near-synonyms. (This should be exhaustive -i.e all occurences should be dated.)
    Also dating cleanup tags which put articles in categories planned to be sub-categories of sorted by month - currently (as of February 2007):
  5. Replace tags {{disambig}} and {{cleanup}} with {{disambig-cleanup}}.
  6. Replace birth dates and death dates in Infoboxen with {{birth date}}, {{death date}}, {{birth date and age}} or {{death date and age}} as appropriate.
  7. Add defaultsort to people-stubs so they are listed correctly
  8. Add references sectionand appropriate mark of to articles with "ref" footnotes and no such mark up.

Task queue

  1. Remove unnecessary capitals from section headers - work on common errors.
    Most common 245 done once. - will probably become a recurring task
    Many now built into AWB as part of "General fixes".

Completed tasks

  1. U.S. 2000 census articles into past tense.
  2. Initial runs of recurrent tasks
  3. Moved Saint Louis categories to St. Louis, and corrected links.
  4. Remove unnecessary capitals from section headers - Most common 15 done.
  5. Remove unnecessary capitals from section headers - second most common batch c. 230.
  6. UK links direct to United Kingdom. Nazi to Nazism.
  7. Pipe US to United States replace with U.S.
  8. Replace/pipe link Academy Award with Academy Awards
  9. In days of the year replace first occurrence of date with templated link, completed manually.
  10. More Fix-ups in US Census articles.
  11. Remove spurious links to months of year and days of week.
  12. Labeled all bad checksum ISBNs.
  13. Renamed "invalid isbn" template "please check ISBN".
  14. Modified Swiss geog. articles census field to avoid deprecated "as of month year" links.
  15. Tidied up album articles (note there is a manual phase which is still going on).

Abandoned tasks

  1. Fix section headers and templates in Pokemon arts.
    Not started. Probably been done by someone else by now.
  2. Clean up piped links
    Stopped probably permanently. Might roll into other tasks.

Approval status for various tasks

  • Note, when Smackbot is using AWB, some of the general fixes options will usually be turned on, to get the most value from the edits. Hence most edit summaries say "and/or general fixes". Again usually, the motivating change will be made or none at all.


Has nothing to do with drugs, or fishing smacks. Think of it as the smack at the end of a Swedish massage, or the smack of a Homer like pate when saying Doh! Whatever makes you comfortable... The name was never intended as a reprimand, although some users have taken it as such, just a passing pun.


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Thank you, SmackBot, for always cleaning up my messes. Drink up, buddy! --wpktsfs 14:34, 30 July 2007 (UTC)
100px The Invisible Barnstar
Great job with maintaining the tags well! Marlith T/C 17:01, 16 September 2007 (UTC)


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