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[[template:{{{1}}}|[Template: {{{1}}}]]] This template is along the same lines as {{cl|France}}, in that it builds a link, and lets the observer know what kind of link is being discussed. Moreover, if the template becomes active (bluelink) it is fenced off by this template from taking effect on the local page.

The alternative would be the bare links of 'Tl', 'Tl2', or 'Tlx', which is contraindicated by the goal of saving typing on the talk pages in question, versus the proposed template invoked as a template to show the same wording as a this gives in redlink form... but links like that would then become active if the template page is populated, which outcome would normally be a Bad Thing.

The working guts (nowiki blocks not showing):
[[template:{{{1}}}|[Template: {{{1}}}]]]

... just displays a proposed template name on  a discussion page, 
         without the risk of the template becoming active