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This template is designed for simple citation of patents. Parameters are passed numerically:

  1. The patent number (no punctuation is allowed at this time)
  2. The prefix of the organization publishing the patent.
  3. The suffix of a published patent version and/or other comments such as author name and title (this does not affect the generated URL)

Only the first parameter is required; if no publishing organization is specified, the U.S. is taken as the default.

The output is the patent number, a credit to the redirect site (currently www.patentlens.net), and a link pointing to a permalink for the patent chosen. This output should be enclosed within reference tags (<ref> and </ref>) in the same way as Template:cite.

Note that patent application numbers are generally different from patent numbers.




US Patent 6556992 via CAMBIA Patent Lens[1] – espacenet[2]

{{patent|6556992|US|"Method and system for rating patents and other intangible assets."}}


US Patent 6556992 "Method and system for rating patents and other intangible assets." via CAMBIA Patent Lens[3] – espacenet[4]