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You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with its setup and parser functions before editing the template. If your edit causes unexpected problems, please undo it quickly, as this template may appear on a large number of pages.
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This template is for photographic lens.


{{Infobox photographic lens
| name         = Lens name
| image        = An image to show in the infobox
| caption      = A caption for the image
| maker        = Who makes the lens (link)
| feat-is      = Features Image Stabilisation technology
| feat-usm     = Features Silent Motor technology
| feat-sbf     = Requires Short Back Focus body
| feat-macro   = Macro focus capable (please use max-mag instead)
| feat-special = special categorization e.g. Diffractive Optic, L-Series, etc.
| application  = Suggested application (e.g portrait, landscape, etc.)
| type         = Zoom, Prime or Special
| flength      = actual focal length (range for a zoom lens)
| flength-eq   = equivalent focal length, nominally for a 35 mm sensor size (range for a zoom lens)
                 (not relevant for systems with multiple sensor sizes)
| fov          = Field of view (given as a focal length multiplier) for default sensor size
| aperture     = Maximum and mininium apertures (given in f-stops)
| groups       = Lens construction (# groups)
| elements     = Lens construction (# elements)
| diaphragm    = Number of diaphragm blades
| close-dist   = Close focusing distance (m/ft)
| max-mag      = Max magnification
                 (1:10...1:2 for non-macro lenses, 1:2...1:1 for macro lenses, 1:1...5:1 for magnifier lenses)
| max-diameter = Lens maximum diameter (mm/in)
| max-length   = Lens maximum diameter (mm/in)
| weight       = Lens weight without body (kg/lbs)
| filter       = Filter diameter (mm)
| hood         = Lens Hood
| case         = Lens Case or Pouch
| av-horiz     = Angle of viewing (Horizontal)
| av-vert      = Angle of viewing (Vertical)
| av-diag      = Angle of viewing (Diagonal)
| start        = Year the lens was introduced
| stop         = Year the lens was discontinued
| replace      = The lens that superceded this item (link)
| msrp         = Manufacturers standard retail price (US$)
| category     = alternate Wikipedia category for lens

All fields, except 'name' are optional.

The template adds the article to Category:Photographic lenses, unless the category field is used. As an example, adding "| category = Minolta lenses" will put the article in Category:Minolta lenses instead of Category:Photographic lenses.

See the talk page for some examples which show the full usage of this infobox in a few combinations.

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