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Copy a blank version to use.

Vertical list Notes
{{Infobox Charmed Artifact
 | Title      = 
 | Image      = 
 | First      = 
 | Last       = 
 | Creator    = 
 | Status     = 
 | Kind       = 
 | Affiliation= 
 | Traits     = 
 | Users      = 
 | Use        = 

Verbiage and example

Template:Infobox Charmed Artifact

{{Infobox Charmed Artifact
 | Title      = Artifact
 | Image      = [[Image:Example.jpg|250px|Caption sentence.]]<br/>Caption sentence.
 | First      = First episode
 | Last       = Last episode
 | Creator    = Creating producer
 | Status     = Status
 | Kind       = Kind
 | Affiliation= Affiliation
 | Traits     = Traits
 | Users      = Users
 | Use        = Use

Description of fields

  • Title: Name or title of the artifact.
  • Image: Image associated with the artifact. For example, [[Image:Example.jpg|250px|Caption]]
  • First: Name of the first episode the artifact appears in. No formatting is required.
  • Last: Name of the last episode the artifact appears in. Again, no formatting is required.
  • Creator: Producer, director, etc of Charmed responsible for creating the artifact. Normally "Constance M. Burge" or "Brad Kern".
  • Status: Current status of the artifact. For example, "Intact", "Destroyed", "Unknown".
  • Kind: The type of object the artifact is.
  • Affiliation: Group or person the artifact is most closely associated with.
  • Traits: Notable traits held by the artifact.
  • Users: Notable users of the artifact.
  • Use: How the artifact is used or potentially could be used.