Suillus granulatus

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Suillus granulatus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Order: Agaricales
Family: Suillaceae
Genus: Suillus
Species: S. granulatus
Binomial name
Suillus granulatus
(L.): Roussel (1796)

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Suillus granulatus
mycological characteristics:
pores on hymenium
Flat cap icon.svg 
Convex cap icon.svg 

cap is flat or convex

hymenium is adnate or decurrent

stipe is bare

Mycorrhizal ecology icon.png 

ecology is mycorrhizal

edibility: edible

Suillus granulatus is a pored mushroom of the genus Suillus in the Suillaceae family. It is similar to the related S. luteus, but can be distinguished by its ringless stalk. Like S. luteus, it is an edible mushroom that often grows in a symbiosis (Mycorrhiza) with pine.

Suillus granulatus sometimes causes contact dermatitis to those who handle it.

A native to the northern hemisphere, it has also been introduced into Australia under Pinus radiata.

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