Saphenous opening

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Saphenous opening
The fossa ovalis.
Front of right thigh, showing surface markings for bones, femoral artery and femoral nerve. (Fossa ovalis visible at upper right.)
Latin hiatus saphenus, fossa ovalis femoris
Gray's subject #128 469
Dorlands/Elsevier h_11/12422064
For the structure in the heart, see Fossa ovalis.

At the upper and medial part of the thigh, a little below the medial end of the inguinal ligament, is a large oval-shaped aperture in the fascia lata called the saphenous opening (or saphenous hiatus, or fossa ovalis femoris).

It transmits the great saphenous vein, and other, smaller vessels.

The fascia cribrosa, which is pierced by the structures passing through the opening, closes the aperture and must be removed to expose it.

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